Heat Therapy

Heat is a wonderful addition to any therapeutic massage. Choose between synergy & infrared hot stones, warm bamboo massage or heated lavender flax pillows for the ultimate massage experience.

Synergy Hot Stone Massage

Synergy Hot Stones are custom designed in various shapes and sizes to provide gentle relaxation and deeper therapeutic bodywork.

Benefits of Synergy Stones:

  1. Blend warmth, custom pressure, and heat-wave techniques into an ultra-relaxing synergy of sensation.
  2. Warm muscles, tendons, and ligaments for true healing therapy.
  3. Promotes relaxation of muscle knots and trigger points with custom pressure.
  4. Relieves muscle pain and discomfort by spreading tight muscle fibers.
  5. Soothes the millions of pressure, motion and temperature receptors in the skin.
  6. Encourages improved blood and lymph circulation.
  7. Calms the nervous system. Calms the mind and decreases stress.

Infrared Hot Stones

Infrared Hot Stones use infrared heat to penetrate more deeply than other types of heat. Benefits of infrared therapy include increasing circulation, decreasing pain, easing inflammation and improving sleep.

Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage is a unique new therapy similar to hot stone massage. The therapist uses heated bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to melt away tension and soothe stubborn muscle pain. Warm bamboo massage is a favorite for relaxing tight shoulders and legs.

Heated Flax Pillow Massage

Flax Pillows are heated in a microwave or towel warmer and then used to warm and relax tight muscle and eliminate chronic pain. Heated Flax Pillows can provide relief from arthritis or fibromyalgia. The soothing heat melts away tension and eliminates stress in seconds.

Can’t decide which heat therapy to try? Send a note to Ascension Wellness when you schedule an appointment and we can prepare a combination of all four heat therapies!